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Big News!

Word from Ofsted.

Successful Preregistration.

9 June 2023

Ofsted have carried out their preregistration inspection and the outcome means that Falcons Learning will be able to transition to an Independent Special School!   

This is huge news and we are delighted.

'The hard work and dedication of the staff, coupled with their skills and knowledge have earned this. We can offer so much more to our learners now!'

Steve Wash


Reviewing for the Exam


"Since he has been with us she has seen a difference in him compared to when he was at his previous school so thank you!"

Updated Child Protection and Safeguarding policy

Falcons Learning, working with our partners at East Riding Council have released the latest child protection and safeguarding policy.

Radio Humberside visit to Goole ABC

Steve was delighted to attend at the boxing club today to meet with Amanda from Radio Humberside to discuss the great work that our partners at the club do. Click on the link to access the recordings!


Our Partnership with the boxing club goes from strength to strength.

Learners Achieving!

Well done Alfie for achieving a number of AQA units in the agriculture industry area


Leaver's feedback

What did our year 11s think about their time at Falcons?

"It's been loads better than school"

"Way better than mainstream"

"It was a different way of learning. It doesn't feel like learning"

"Learned more here than in school"

Thank you guys, we wish you all the best in your future lives.

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-10 at 10.41.13 AM.jpeg

It's your school, your voice!

Stay in the Know

Feedback from learners this term:

"That's [learner's work] brilliant he absolutely loves coming"

"I'm so happy, thanks to you" [the team]

"Great school would recommend lovely staff and helpful learners! fun times" 

"... . I have spoken with both [staff members]who supported the guys and received nothing but good feedback. They both said you worked with the guys extremely well, involving and empowering them in the same ways that we work at Goldcrest House. It is clear that we share the same values in promoting skills in the individuals we support and that you teach."

Goldcrest House and Falcons Learning

Working together to give opportunities.

Goldcrest House
The House provides long-term, integrated, specialist day and residential care, outreach support and respite care and has built a reputation as a quality service in the area. Goldcrest House provides residential care to adults over the age of 18 whose primary need is due to autism. Goldcrest House can also meet the needs of service users who have additional difficulties, including those with general developing disabilities and those with a history of behaviours that have challenged other services.


Learning how to work on an engine

1 June 2022

Steve introduces Goldcrest service users to stripping mechanical parts. Here they are removing the sump from a very old Triumph Herald engine.


Hands on learning.

1 June 2022

Removal of camshaft followers in a very old pushrod OHV engine with Steve.


A few notes. 

1 June 2022

Working with Goldcrest house has no impact on the core business of providing alternative education provision for young people. Goldcrest clients use our facilities when the under 16 learners have gone home and are accompanied by a member of the Goldcrest team. I am really happy that more members of the community can access Falcons Learning.
Steve Wash 

This week at Falcons

What have we been doing?


Specialist Literacy intervention

24 May 2022

We are delighted that Fay McHugh has joined the team as our SENCo. Fay brings a wealth of experience and top level technical know how to the table. She is leading our literacy recovery scheme.

Motor Vehicle Repair Session

24 May 2022

Learners getting to grips with carburetors during a practical Motor vehicle repair session with Steve.


Group Reading Sessions

18 May 2022

Learners are learning to enjoy reading at Falcons. It is a key part of our curriculum and books are selected to meet the needs and pique the interest of our learners.


Guest Lecture at Bishop  Burton HE Centre

Steve Shares good practice

Students from Bishop Burton's First Year Teacher Training course welcomed Steve to help them work through Trauma Informed teaching in a guest lecture.


Understanding how Trauma can feel.

08 February 2022

Understanding how trauma can feel is very difficult for those with no experience. Steve is working with these learners to attempt to help them understand through a multisensory approach.


Understanding how to help learners overcome barrierss

08 February 2022

Does it matter if the learner has their hood up? 
Should the learner be fiddling or doodling during teaching time?
Are we meeting the needs of the learner or are we making the learner meet our view of education?

Sharing good practice with our colleagues across the education sector is really important. We are happy If we can help fellow professionals help their learners better.

with unity.JPG

Partnership with Unity

14 April 2022 Falcons Learning are delighted to enter into a partnership with Unity

Steve met with Pete Jenkin, Director of Unity, today and agreed to work together going forward. Unity are a charity that specialise in mental and emotional welfare. Originally a veterans service Pete recognises the wider applications of his service. 
Unity have a facility in Camp Unity which Falcons will access. this is a wild area where bushcraft, outdoor skills, and environmental skills can be taught out of the classroom. 
Falcons learning look forward to working with Unity.

The end of Spring Term 2022

Leaners take a break for Easter!


Class reading session

Falcons learners enjoying Danny, Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. We all read together and overcame nerves - it's great to read in a supportive environment!

Supporting Our Learners

We are all different.

Even me.

Learners read in a different environment with access to fiddle toys to keep regulated and tea to keep hydrated!


Team Work

As storm Dudley approached the team helped to prepare the animals at Hall Farm by feeding generously and preparing shelters. 
Team Goals!

Latest  Falcons  News

goole college bound.png

Welcome to the Eyrie

28 January 2022

Working in partnership with our colleagues at Hull College Group we are looking forward to opening the new school site!
The school site will have capacity for up to 28 learners studying vocational subjects, English and maths.


Planning for the Future

Falcons Learners using English and maths skills to plan for their potential future jobs by making SMART targets for the journey.  They can take ownership and responsibility for their destinies. Well done lads!


Reading and maths with a coat of creativity!

One of the learners enjoyed baking with Emily, our TA.


Bandit Time!


Falcons Learning
Motor Vehicle Repair workshop opens!

Steve demonstrating the controls of this machine to the learners. All achieved an accreditation at the end of this session!

Sport at Falcons

A learner helps to coach and lead a sport session.

This fun session culminated in students earning an accreditation in sport coaching.


Star Jumps to warm up!

Team work exercises!


A lot of fun learning to work as a team!

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