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Falcons Learning takes safeguarding very seriously. The safety and welbeing of our learners is of paramount importance. This is a complex field that requires constant scrutiny and honest critical analysis. 

Together with colleagues from East Riding of Yorkshire Council Safeguarding Team we remain vigilant and uncompromising in putting our learners' safety first.

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Governor With Safeguarding Portfolio

Liz Seeley  has assumed the role of Governor with a main Portfolio aim of overseeing the safeguarding and child protection aspects of Falcons Learning. 

Liz served for 26 years as a Police Officer with roles including the supervision of a Domestic Abuse unit. This gives her an excellent skill set and knowledge base to navigate the required legislative landscape that is required for this role.

Should there be a need to make a safeguarding referral and it is not appropriate to approach the DSL then Liz can be reached on:

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Dedicated Safeguarding Lead

Fay is the SENCo and Dedicated Safeguarding Lead at Falcons Learning. She is a highly qualified and experienced professional with a portfolio of Masters level qualifications and demonstrable experience of applying this knowledge into exceptional practice. 

Fay is part of the Senior Leadership Team and can be contacted on 01405470014 or email

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Jo is the Business Manager and Deputy Dedicated Safeguarding Lead at Falcons Learning. She is a highly qualified and experienced professional with experience in care home management and interagency social care work.  She has excellent safeguarding knowledge and skills through years of experience at a senior level. 

Jo is part of the Senior Leadership Team and can be contacted on 01405470014 or email


Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)  forms a part of the ERSCP ( described below). Their responsibility is to oversee the workforce deployed to work with children within the East Riding. If you have concerns in relation to staff at Falcons Learning please contact the LADO following the link below. 

Safeguarding is everyone's business. 

The East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership (ERSCP) is a statutory multi-agency organisation which has been set up as part of the every child matters reforms. It brings together agencies who work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in the East Riding and requires that all organisations cooperate to keep children safe from harm.

The partnership aims to ensure that information, education, and training is available for professionals, parents, and carers, members of local communities, and children and young people themselves all to achieve this aim.

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