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Alternative Provision

22 December 2021

Main stream school is not for everyone.
Our colleagues in mainstream do a good job in a tough environment. But some learners just don't fit in there!
For some there is a real threat of exclusion or issues that present themselves to be behavioural problems. Falcons Learning may provide the antidote for these issues. With a strong emphasis on mutual respect, but framed in a more workplace style, learners can develop skills to manage their behaviour. The team is small, learner groups are small - we have time to talk about the issues that might just go unnoticed in a class of 32 mainstream learners. 
Our sessions and activities are developed to continue to develop the confidence, trust, respect and teamwork essential for success in the workplace.


Independent Special School

9 June 2023

Falcons Learning are delighted to announce that we have passed our preregistration Ofsted inspection. We will be accepting consultations for full time school placements starting in September 2023. We will continue to offer the very best in trauma informed education directed by our Principal, Steve Wash. This will be bolstered by a more holistic package including counsellors, a Special Educational Needs & Disabilities coordinator, and support from our partners at Unravel. The curriculum design meets the independent school standards whilst still meeting the needs of the learners.

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Learning by Doing

How a Vocational Curriculum can allow success for all.

22 December 2021

Falcons Learning has a unique curriculum that has been designed with the needs of it's learners at its heart. We understand that mainstream education is not for everyone. We understand that some learners need a different approach where the stresses and barriers to achievement have been removed. With the Independent school standards and curriculum design central the courses are selected and designed especially for those that struggled in mainstream learning.  Falcons Learning maintain a rigour and demand for quality to ensure the best chances for our learners. 

Technical teaching aside the central pillar of the school is an ethos of understanding, mutual respect and values.  Everyone has something to bring to the table - we will help to make the most of those talents.


Introduction from  the Principal

Steve Wash BA(Hons)., PGCE, MA (Ed).

22 December 2021

"I am very proud to be leading Falcons Learning. I am excited by the journey that the organisation is embarking on in the heart of the community in Goole. Falcons Learning will give our students the opportunity to achieve and gain the skills needed for the workplace. We can help develop trust and respect for our learners in their wider community. We are working closely with our colleagues in the Hull College Group to keep education in the heart of the town". 
Steve served in the army between 1988 and 1995 experiencing a number of operational tours before joining Humberside Police. Steve served with the police until 2013 with community policing being the corner stone of his service. 
In 2013 Steve embarked on a teaching career that built on those skills honed in the police. Through hard study and work Steve is now an English subject specialist with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Management with an expertise in leading trauma informed education.

Referral, Application and Introduction

Educational Opportunities for All

As a passionate Educator, Falcons Learning takes great pride in every course they teach. They have a highly interactive and engaging teaching style that has made them an extremely popular Educator. However, please follow the guidance below for admissions.

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Alternative Provision

Available for learners, of school age, who are struggling in mainstream education. Some learners are at risk of exclusion; they are disengaged and are not able to access education. 

Some learners may have missed chunks of learning - we can help. 

We can help young people overcome those behavioural barriers and reengage. 

Falcons Learning work closely with the Local Authority, Youth Offending Service and local schools to give a safe, trusting environment for learners to flourish.

For more information please email:

School Places 'On Role'.

Referrals now open. 

Following a successful application process Falcons Learning are offering full time school places to up to 24 learners. 

Falcons Learning are experts in teaching learners with difficult backgrounds and with an Education Health and Care plan (EHCp). We understand that everyone is different. We will meet the needs of the learners by delivering an intelligent and bespoke package for all. 

Admission routes can be difficult to navigate. We can help find your way to a better education.

For more information email:

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Get in touch for more information.

Educational framework

Everyone is different. Every one can achieve.

Individualised Learning

Falcons Learning will work closely with the child, parents, and professionals to plan the most suitable program of learning. Flexibility is our middle name!


Falcons learning adheres to the same quality and assessment regime that all schools do. We strive to be the best we can and always are seeking to improve the service we offer.  In the summer of 2022 we will apply to be an Independent Special School and come under the Ofsted umbrella

Holistic Support

Starting in March 2022 Falcons learning will open its doors to the families and carers of the students each Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm. It will give us a chance to have a chat, a brew and slice of cake and discuss any issues that might be arising. We can help signpost to any support that is needed.

In Partnership

Falcons Learning works hard to use local facilities and work with the community in Goole wherever possible. The Partnership between the Hull College Group and Falcons Learning ensures that Hull College continue to work within Goole and continue to work to improve life chances for those that need it most.

Get in Touch and Contact Details

Falcons Learning,
Newport Street,
DN14 6TL


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